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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I'm not dead; my brain is merely elsewhere.
I'm going to be in Dublin for much of next week (7 - 10 June). I'll be free for all of Sunday from about 2:00 PM onward, but then I'll be stuck in the TCD archive looking at a manuscript from 9-5 on both Monday and Tuesday. However, evenings are free.

So, if any locals would like to meet up for coffee or dinner or whatever...? daegaer? copinggoggles? Anybody?

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Have fun!
Well, if you consider that fun. Sounds fun to me, anyway! ;)

It's a very fun city, yes - I've been there once before :)

I am always up for caffeine! My schedule is deplorably empty at the moment, so... pretty much just let me know when would be best for you.

Oh, lovely! Well, my plane gets in at around noon on Sunday, and I imagine it might take me a couple of hours to make it into the city and get my stuff settled at Avalon House hostel. But after that, I should be ready to roll for idle wandering and caffeinated activities. I'll email or PM you my mobile number :)

If you happen to meet up with daegaer, please give her a real big hug for me. And have fun!

I'll be seeing her on Wednesday morning, so I'll be sure to give her a hug from you!

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