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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Yesterday's themes were BEES, BOOZE, and BUTTSEX.
All thorns & no grace
First things first: yesterday was the strangest day ever. Laura and I set out midmorning to go pick up some sundries at Morrisons and by sundries I mean hard liquor. On our way up Bishopthorpe Road, we became aware of general panic in one section of the street...that was thick with a menacing swarm of insects. Buzzing insects. I backpedaled very quickly, as somebody had shrieked what I suspected by the feel of a few brushing my arms: "Bees!"

Somebody had knocked an entire nest of bees out of the local video rental store's awning, and they were furious. It was astonishing.

So, we backtracked and took a lovely scenic walk through some residential areas in order to get where we were going. By the time we walked back through on our way home, there was a guy in a beekeeper's suit there (!) trying his best to herd the bees into a wooden box. The swarming action was much reduced, and the bees did, in fact, seem to be centered on the box now. However, a cluster of rogue bees had taken up residence on one of the shop-workers' bikes - I mean, the seat was COVERED IN BEES.

Laura was so gobsmacked that she took pictures. I shall post some later.

In any case, when we got home, we started up the mixers and popped in Star Trek: TOS S1 at exactly the point I'd left off on Sunday. We got through about 3-4 episodes, at which point James got home and just stared at us like we were mental, because he's never come home to two obviously drunk and madly giggling women before in his life. The look on his face is going in my private WTF Hall of Fame, for sure. Utterly priceless.

Also if you add "with buttsex" or "through buttsex" or similar to the end of nearly any line of Star Trek dialogue, it gets that much funnier. Kind of like "in bed" and fortune cookies.

Eight more episodes to go, I think, but I'm not touching rum again for a long time.

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LOL! I'll definitely get drunk and try to say that the next time I watch TOS =D

Have you gotten to "City on the Edge of Forever" yet? It's been (OMG, really?) 40 years, and I still can't think about that one without getting tears in my eyes. And...I can't believe I've forgotten the name of this one...the one with the spores?

I envy you, getting to experience all these wonderful episodes for the first time. But y'know what? They're still just as wonderful, no matter how many times you (I) see them.

I wish I knew whatever happened to my IDIC...

I'm now two eps away from it!

Wah, bees! That's quite surreal, and also, yikes.

Ah, the best of surprises: coming home to find drunk women. :D

I can definitely believe that!

I've never drunk that much and not had a hangover. Awesome!

Counts as a definite win!

Bees are so unfortunate...I've never been a fan.

If you haven't already seen it, Eddie Izzard talking about bee-keeping and being covered in bees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWRz_-0B1qw

I know; I was directly referencing him *g*

I think I fancy you more you.

(Not, of course, that such a thing was possible :D)

-Bees? Kewl! Bees are pretty mellow for Hymenopterans (unlike wasps) but yeah, always best to avoid a disturbed nest. Unless they're swarming, naturally. Swarming bees won't sting.

home, there was a guy in a beekeeper's suit there (!)

-Prolly from your nearest Agricultural Dept/ Apiarist's Hobby Group. They're usually who you call when you have unexpected bees.

trying his best to herd the bees into a wooden box.

-sounds like an Apiarist's Bee-Hive. Usually used in bee-keeping, and very good at, er, keeping bees.

The swarming action was much reduced, and the bees did, in fact, seem to be centered on the box now

-Bee dude probably smoked the swarm (which calms them down and makes them happy) and found the Queen and put her in the box. The rest of the colony will go wherever the Queen goes.

See? Sometimes it comes in handy to have an Entomologist on your Flist *g*

Are you going to watch all the STAR TREKs or just the original series? Never really got into the original series myself (although I loved "Space Seed" and "City on the Edge of Forever") but I love The Next Generation :icon:

I knew I'd get a lecture from you in response to this ;)


Ooh--scary! And seeing it in the middle of the street!

I'm glad you managed to not have a hangover! And I hope you get TOS finished in a reasonable timeframe!

This jacket is amazing! It arrived safely, looks awesome and fits well!

Oh, I'm so glad it does! Enjoy it :)

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