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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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A Very Short Fiction Sale / A Quirky Proposition
I've placed a 140-character story with Thaumatrope, one of a few Twitter-zines to hit my radar (another cool one is Outshine). The stories are too tight to include the title, but my piece does, in fact, have one ("Paris, After"). It'll be appearing on 29 November 2009.


I have a theoretical question to pose, as it's come to my attention that there are several writers out there currently doing this and it's a rather cool concept. Either via email or snail-mail, for a fee that seems to fall anywhere between $10 and $20, they write a short story per month for a year and it gets sent exclusively to all subscribers. As far as I can tell, there aren't any poets doing this - and, frankly, I produce better work than usual when I know my readers are counting on output. I'd probably lean towards snail-mail; some days, I feel as if I can't remember the last time I actually set a poem on paper. My mind moves so quickly that typing is the optimal method of composition. Also, my handwriting sucks.

If I were to do something like this, how many of you would be interested in subscribing?

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(Deleted comment)
That's why it's a theoretical question only: if people are as generally broke as I am, than it probably wouldn't be worth doing *g* Don't worry about it. But I thought it'd be worth sounding out, seeing as I know of at least two other specific instances in which the setup seems to be working very well. I'd lean towards snail-mail, I think, given that I post the occasional poems on this blog for no charge. It'd be silly to charge for electronic transmission.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, actually, it would be - on artsy postcards, or somesuch...

It's a cool idea. I actually came across something like this on etsy, although in this case it was a photo a month which the artist would print off in nice quality and send off.

Ooh, Etsy! I would've never thought of using that as a medium for vending, but that's a good idea...

I would be interested - I'm contemplating signing up to a similar thing for a podcast that I'm quite fond of.

Excellent - I'll keep you posted, then :) I probably need a couple of months to figure out some unique method of presentation to make it worth all your whiles...

(Did you get that code, by the way?)


(yes - thank you! I wasn't successful, alas because ticketmaster's site is a pain in my arse but oh well, at least I had the option! *shakes fist at ticketmaster*)

(Deleted comment)
You and several others! I probably won't get this off the ground, though, for a couple of months anyway; I'd need to find supplies and a method of presentation that would make it worth all your whiles :)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, so many of us are unemployed and broke at the moment. The up-shot is, though, that this isn't something I'd launch immediately. I'd need some time to work out some nice, unique media for presentation. Hmmm, plot...

(Your book got here safely last week, by the by. I've just been too lazy to tell you!)

So, that would be $10 - $20 per month? Or year? (Dang, I am dense today.) Because if it was per year, I'd totally be on board despite my tight student budget. It would be amazing to receive poetry in the post.

Yeah - I'd probably be charging something like 10 or 12 UK pounds, to be honest, given that's really my home currency these days. And yes, it'd be a twelve-month subscription :)

I'd do it. A pound per poem is crazy cheap anyway, and like I said, getting poetry in the post would be awesome. :)

Congrats on the baby fic sale! That sounds really interesting!

As for the subscription, that sounds amazing! I'd definitely sign up! [And I think it'd be even more special if you sent the stuff snail-mail. I love getting mail. ;)]

I'm leaning towards snail mail, definitely, and considering design options :)

Buying stationary is always fun!
If you don't want to design it yourself, there's some fabulous stuff on etsy!

Letterary Press has some interesting stuff. Or you could always get one of those personalized stamps and make your own little press! :D

Any way will be fabulous!

If it were snail mail I'd definitely be interested :)

I'm thinking definitely snail-mail. I'll keep you posted :)

I would, and if you won't be starting up for a few months, then I'll probably even have the money :) Snail mail sounds lovely, although living, as I do, in the Antipodes, I do recognise that postage is more expensive than to elsewhere in the UK.

Yeah, definitely not for a month or so. I'll keep you posted on the progress :) And I think I may have people living farther away or equally far than that, so don't worry.

I'd seriously consider it.

So noted :) I'm in London for a couple of days (again), so I've been combing stationers' shops for ideas as to papers, cards, stamps, etc.

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