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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Oh. Oh my.
*startled, breathless laughter*

Whoever had led me to believe that My Beautiful Laundrette ends badly? I'm glad I misunderstood! I'm dazzled.

(And Daniel Day-Lewis is even cooler than I had previously thought.)

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I might need to rewatch it; last I watched it, it left me badly depressed - not with any particular plot points (which I don't remember anyways), but with the general premise, or something.

(Young Daniel Day-Lewis is LOVE)

The finish, I find, offers more of a hopeful note than some of the films more depressing moments (and it does have a handful). But, oh, it's that rare kind of ending I hold out for!

Me probably. :-P I wish it could have ended on a surer note of happiness than it did. I know that's usually asking too much, but it shouldn't be.

I actually don't remember who it was! But I see just enough of an opening for there to be hope if one wants to read it that way. And, given my background? I'll take the hope, thanks *wry grin*

Yeah, after this past week I will never moan about any ending where people make it out alive again...

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