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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Home from London late last night, happy but a bit worse for wear.
All thorns & no grace
After yesterday's final session at the British Library, I met up with alankria for dinner. If anybody's in the King's Cross area and has a craving for Indian food, nip down Judd Street (O'Neill's is on the corner of Judd and Euston) and try Humaira. Delicious.

I've come home to a new LoveFilm delivery: My Beautiful Laundrette. My, oh my, but the Universe has a weird sense of humor right now...

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i love my beautiful laundrette! such a sweet movie and a sort of tentatively great early performance from daniel day-lewis.

We're watching it for the first time this evening...

(Deleted comment)
There are so many wonderful UK things I need to track down and watch! Most of which aren't availabe in the US. One of my summer projects is to invest in a multi-region player.

And may I ask what painting your icon is from? I really love it!

My Beautiful Laundrette is, I believe, widely available in the States by now. It has accrued something of a cult following.

(It's from one of the photos in Tori Amos's new album liner!)

Ooh--thanks and thanks!

I never know what we'll get or have here. It seems everything I've been looking for recently has only been region 2.

So I'll totally be moving to Europe for the movies. ;)

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