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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Re: Flipped Eye's F8 gala, now that my head is back to normal.
(I've finished today's session in the BL's Manuscripts Reading Room; I think I've obtained all of the dialectal data that I need from Egerton 2658. I also discovered a feature that made me squeak; still, it'll take some cross-checking before I know if it's something cool.)

I'd never been to the Southbank Centre before, but suffice it to say that it's an amazing complex of theaters and performance-spaces. F8 was held in the Spirit Level's Blue Room, which was well suited to a poetry reading. It wasn't just a poetry reading, though: there was music before the event started, during the book-auction interval, and afterward - all provided by the newly unveiled l'8 Quintet (how many publishers do you know that have an in-house musical ensemble, I ask you? AWESOME). The evening differed from most events of this type I've attended in that, rather than featuring only three or four poets, each of whom get to read a few pieces, F8 featured a line-up of nearly all of the writers it's published to date (not a huge number, but substantial - it's been around for eight years as of today, hence the celebration), and each got to read one signature piece. The result was a delightful kaleidoscope of diverse voices that cut through my misery quite effectively: in spite of the raging headache, I loved every minute of it. The South American wines available at the interval impressed me; I'm usually a hard sell on New-World fare, but both the red and the white were nice. Tottered out around ten, irritated at myself for not having brought sufficient painkillers to cope with my wayward body.

I'm so pleased to have met the other poets and artists whose ranks I'll be joining when Lost Books arrives. I'm very proud to be numbered amongst the Flipped Eye writers!

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It sounds like you're having a good time, headaches aside! I hope the cross-checking proves the coolness!

A curious set of initials, and I'm not sure which hand they belong to. I sure hope they belong to the one I think they belong to.

That does sound impressive! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it so much! (Despite the headache!)

Hope you're feeling better!

The headache-fuzziness has remained around the edges of everything, but it's getting better. I keep staving it off with painkillers :-P

Oh no! Do you think you might need to go to the doctor? :o

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