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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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The pain is unbelievable.
My head started to hurt inexplicably toward the end of the Flipped Eye Press 8th-anniversary gala evening at Southbank Centre; I'm amazed I was able to navigate the tube and find my way back here (Generator Hostel, which is not so bad, and fairly cheap). Maybe it was those three hours in the BL with MS Harley 6041 earlier today. Tomorrow's a five-hour stint at least with Egerton 2658.

One of my two academic supervisors has suffered a shocking family tragedy this week. I just got the news. This could change things as far as supervisions for...well, I don't know. The foreseeable short-term future. And so, I muck about with old books and pray.

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Oh no!! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! I hope--if you're not already--that you feel better soon for the rest of your stay!

Hope you'll get better soon, and I'm hoping the supervisions will not get affected too badlyy :(

I have stayed at the Generator hostel, you have my sympathy. You are, however, very close to to the very delightful Gay's The Word, which is the only gay bookshop in the UK(according to them) and a place that always cheers me up when I visit. Might be worth putting in your schedule? It's on Marchmond Street.

Hmmm, if it doesn't go away, or keeps getting worse, or you get these types of headaches on a regular, possibly increasing basis, go to A&E and get checked - could be a sign of some sort of brain issue, like a burst blood vessel putting extra pressure on the skull, etc. Also watch for stiff neck, sleepiness, sensitivity to light etc., as those are signs of meningitis - go to A&E forthwith, do not pass go, etc.

Bugger aboutr the supervisor issues...still battling my own ones of those lately...my sympathies!

Ouch. I hope everything sorts out for the best, both for you and your supervisor!

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