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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Wherein a forthcoming publication becomes imminent
It's rather surreal, but the short story that I wrote the night we moved into this house, "Answer Me," is finally going to press - insofar as a digital book can. So, a year and four months on from the night of the move, the night of northern England's unexpected earthquake, the Needles and Bones anthology from Drollerie Press has finally arrived. It should be available for sale on the website later this week; I'll make an update with relevant links when it's live. We got the page-proofs from drollerie this morning, and the layout is gorgeous.

In musical news, Tori Amos's new album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, is surprisingly good. It definitely outclasses American Doll Posse, and I'd also say it's on the whole better than The Beekeeper. For me, at least so far, the highlight tracks are "Welcome to England," "Strong Black Vine," "Not Dying Today," "Curtain Call," and "Starling." That's more tracks than I ended up loving on ADP, although I do admire its particular ambitiousness.

The real highlight, though, is a little discovery I've made by way of a friend - an album called Two Suns by Bat for Lashes. Seriously: run, don't walk, to get your hands on this! The opening track, "Glass," shatters and leaves you in a thousand pieces (personally, I can't help but attach it to Elizabeth Bear's Ink and Steel / Heaven and Earth dualogy). There are only one or two tracks that I don't find mind-bendingly enchanting!

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An earthquake on the first night in a new house? Eerie.

You've read Ink and Steel? I got it purely for the Shakespeare factor, but a friend grabbed it from me before I got the chance to read it! :D

Once you read that, make sure you have its sequel/companion book, Hell and Earth, at the ready. For real. It's necessary.

Thanks! I'll have to be sure to get that one before I wrestle Ink and Steel back!

And your icon is absolutely gorgeous!

(Deleted comment)
Eep! No, I don't - for some reason, I thought that Two Suns was their debut.

(Deleted comment)
Indeed, Pearl will be with me - I rarely leave home without her!

Congrats on the story!

Oh, I've listened to a couple of Bat for Lashes songs now, and it sounds wonderful. So enchanting! Reminds me of some dreams I've had.

I know - they're so atmospheric!

(Deleted comment)
ADP is so odd for me; I love about a third of it, like about another third of it, and then am lukewarm toward the other third!

The only two Tori albums I found myself able to get into were Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink. I tried later albums, but for some reason just found them difficult to be interested in. I think that, one of these days, I'll actually try them all again and see I feel differently about them now.

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