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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Say what?
Rumsfeld's Iraq War memo cover pages? Scary as hell! We're talking the inclusion of Bible verses here.

In other news, Star Trek was kind of awesome. I'm now determined to watch the original series. All I ever saw was Next Generation.

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(Deleted comment)
Chekov was written because they wanted someone who girls would fancy, and because of the space race, not to make fun of the Russians. The end result was the same though. (Although Anton Yelchin's accent in the movie was very much comedy Russian as well.)

The War memo cover page are not only short of terrifying, they are also very ugly.. (sorry, the graphist in me talking...)

It's all very disturbing. I shall go back to my term paper and try to forget I ever saw these.

Rumsfelf- this is a surprise? It was one bunch of Fundamentalist, right-wing whackos against another...

STRA TREK- Liked it lots, but I still think they could have included some canonical Gay characters after 53 years!!

Agreeing that the composition and font/color choices are nearly as disturbing as the content of those cover pages.

And I'm not sure I could ever express how grateful I am for the new Star Trek movie, even though I haven't seen it, just because suddenly my whole friends list wants to watch TOS, or has already started, and there is TOS meta of the sort that I missed out on due to the thing airing before I was born. ;)

*clicks link to read cover pages* even though I honestly didn't need more nightmares. O_o

You are in for a treat with ST:TOS. TNG will always be my personal favorite but the groundbreaking things they did with TOS and the character interactions are truly unmatched.

And this is the first time I've been able to see your new layout, and I absolutely love it! <3

You should watch DS9 as well. Just sayin'. :D

I really must see this movie! Everyone that's seen it said it was awesome and they are also now embarking on the original series!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Ooh--I visited that earlier after you posted it on Twitter. People are absolutely incredible--and not usually in a good way.

Gah, I still need to see that. The Original Series is wonderful, in a horrifying sort of way (it does have its moments of true glory, though). I do have to say that the closest thing I've found to Chekov's accent in TOS is my Chinese's professor's. He's from Beijing.

But if you're coming over to the dark side, I definitely second the recommendation that you watch DS9 as well.

*waves* I've seen it twice already. It was completely awesome. Nerd alert!

I knew he was a warmonger, but that's just sick. Pure propaganda. Wow, America o_0

Heee, I can definitely recommend The Original Series :P The triumvirate that is Kirk-Spock-McCoy is made of awesome. Especially Kirk-Spock :P And do take note of how many political and social commentaries on racism, war, sexism etc Gene Roddenberry manages to include in the show in a time where tv was strictly monitored by the networks to prevent such things. They were even on the set to make sure that Shatner, white male, did not kiss Nichelle Nichols, a black woman, for real, much to Shatner's and everyone's profound anger.


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