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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Poem sale!
"Interment" has been accepted by Fear and Trembling.

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I got this really gorgeous sketchbook I should start writing in again. I cut random words out of magazines and put them in an envelope, then I'm going to paste a word onto the page and go from there. Just as...Idunno, an experiment in catharsis.

Sketchbooks are nice for writing in; I actually don't like writing on lined paper. BTW, you can email me your address any time now - I have an envelope for the coat, so I'm going to get it packaged up and ready for June :)

Pretty sure I LJ messaged it to ya yesterday :D

Ooh, let me check! It's possible LJ failed to send me a notification...

Things seem to be going well on the poetry front it seems. I'm glad :)

Fairly, yes - I'm hoping a few more new sales will start to trickle in, as I've had a lot of stuff on the "upcoming" docket for some months now, and now that all those upcomings are, well, coming into being one by one, I need to accrue a new list of upcomings *g*

(Deleted comment)
Awesome! I'll look out for it.

Congrats!! That's awesome!

Thanks :) That icon of yours is one of the few constants in my long LJ existence...

Oh, congrats!

Once my temp job is done, I really want to get writing again...

Work makes writing so hard, doesn't it? :-P



>^,,^< //

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Nice icon, by the way.

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