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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Live from Eldridge-Fox lounge. I'm knackered.
The last Pearl-Poet Society session was this morning; lifegivingsword was kind enough to chair for me, as I think I might have collapsed from sheer exhaustion if I had found it necessary to step in and run a third. Fortunately, I was able to get the preliminary paperwork for next year's proposed sessions off very quickly and efficiently. I have to say, in three years of attending this conference, I'm truly amazed at how high the overall quality of papers was this year. It's not to say the papers are usually deplorable, but it's true that the quality here, due to the sheer size of the conference, can be variable. Pseudo Society last night had been, much to my relief, more or less restored to its 2007 glory. Those of you who saw the Medieval Mortality paper will know what I'm talking about...

(Speaking of which, James and I have put in a Pseudo Soc proposal for next year. Eep.)

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Hey! Sorry I never called- I had no idea how busy it would be, and Timmie Vitz and I had some Pseudo- related problems all day Saturday (I did her slide show for her). Kzoo is fun!

It's all right...see my newest post. The situation with my grandmother pretty much prevented me from calling any of the few of you remaining that I hadn't seen *sigh*

Ach, I'm sorry about that. =/

(You mean you want to do a Pseudo the one year I almost certainly won't be there? Alas and woe!)

If they say yes, I'm hoping so! Granted, the docket may fill a year or two in advance, and it's possible we'll be slated for the year after next instead. Who knows.

Aww-I'm sorry you're so exhausted, but it sounds like it was a really good conference!!

Have a safe trip home!

It was...well, not ideal in the end, actually. Which kind of makes me mad. But it had fun parts, certainly.

Oh no! What happened in the end? Or need I look no farther than the latest entry?

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