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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I've been a bad blogger, it's true.
Two days of Kalamazoo, and the jet-lag still persists. What I'm struck by so far this year is the overall high quality of the papers I've seen; there was a session yesterday on marginalia and manuscript illuminations that took my breath away. Nearly all of the other sessions I've attended have been sponsored by BABEL, which I had never really heard of until now - but I'm definitely going to be paying attention from here on out! The combination of playfulness and erudition that seems to mark its various associates is intensely memorable.

The two sessions I'm chairing are both tomorrow, as is the Pearl-Poet Society business meeting. This marks the beginning of my second year as VP. Time flies when you're busy organizing sessions that do their level best to resist being organized...?

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For what it's worth, I hadn't either, and that's despite the fact that my adviser and one of my closest friends are involved with it. Nobody ever tells me anything.

I didn't really know any people involved with it. But I do now.

I looked up all the sessions you're involved with and don't think I'm going to manage to just bump into you. But, hey, there's still more than a day to do.

Have you gone already? We're stuck here till tomorrow (Monday) morning, so if you're still around, drop me a comment :)

I'm still here at the moment (8pm) and will be leaving early tomorrow to drive to Chicago for my flight. At this point I'm just hanging around in the Fox/Eldridge lobby (to catch the wireless signal).

We'll be right over - we're staying in Harrison :)

I think it's probably a good thing you've been too busy to fill everyone else in! :D

Good luck with your sessions!

Yesterday's were surprisingly draining.

You did have a lot to do! Hope they went well!

They did, at least. The overall quality of papers this year was outstanding.

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