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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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First off, the new icon is my answer to Twilight-mania.
Let the Right One In is what all vampire flicks want to be when they grow up! I saw it a week ago, and it was stunning. I spent most of this week reading the book, which was just like the movie, only with even more fantastic character background included.

I don't know why, but that always makes me feel better. Also, the English Department approved my request for £300 so I can take some sorely needed research trips this summer. Hurrah!

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hey don't be too hard on us Twilighters. We're good folk. ;)

You may be an exception on that score amongst hardcore Twilight fans I've run into so far ;)

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Oh, that's the Swedish one, right? I heard about it (not much more than the title, though) but I've been so turned off Vampire movies/books the past years because of all the crap out there. Maybe I should give this a shot :)

Yep! It's really unlike the stereotypical/cheezy takes on the genre that seem to flood the market. It won my cynical heart over.


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Ooh--I've been wanting to read that book! And I actually had no idea it was a movie...

That being said, I loved Twilight--but that series kind of disintegrated after that. And the movie was excruciatingly painful!

Congrats on the funding and good luck with your research! :D

Yeah, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is a great film- Love how Eli may be 12, but ashe's been twelve "for a long time" (so long that her body is forgetting what gender is)and she can kick ass like nobody's business.

The cat scene freaked me out!!

You should read the book. It clarifies the gender issue, and wow. Fantastic.

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What did the Tesco chicken do wrong? :)

It's, um, rather dodgy - the packet says it's 80% chicken and 20% water and "fillers." Not sure I want to know...

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Is it not the best vampire story ever? In both film AND book? The child actors were so lovely and naturalistic.

(My one - or two - regrets were that the film didn't have (highlight to read spoilers) Eli battering at the window of the swimming pool yelling "Someone say I can come in!" and the train conductor being told Oskar would have help after dark).

Yes, it most definitely is. And yes, it would have been nice if they'd put in those things! But I'm quite happy, all things considered.

Gosh, I should read the book. The library would probably have it in Swedish... I've been thinking I should read a book in Swedish to brush up my skills again, so this would be a good one to read!

I highly recommend it - and you have the advantage of being able to read it in the original! I was stuck with an English translation.

I love that movie! Especially the ordinary surroundings -- it's refreshing to see a vampire story without any glam whatsoever.

Hey! I have a slightly irrelevant question. I never got that angely t-shirt thingy I ordered from you. How long ago was that? I am in end-of-semester-timeless-haze, so it may have been quite recently.

I mailed it nearly two weeks ago now - sometimes stuff gets held up for stupid amounts of time in customs; I've had this problem a lot with stuff I've sent to a friend in Chicago. I would say to wait another week, and if it doesn't turn up, I'll gladly refund you. I hate it when this happens :( That is to say, when delays happen; I've never actually had something get lost in the mail on its way somewhere, but there could always be a first time...

I want to see Let the Right One In. It sodding well better make it over here, in either DVD or at-the-cinema format.

It should make it at least on DVD.

I saw Let The Right One In a while back and thought it was one of the best (if not the best) vampire flicks I've seen in a very long time. Just loved it. :)

I've got that film in my Netflix queue. I think I'll bump it up. Thanks for the rec. :)

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Yay! Travel allowance! By the way I saw this on metafilter (medieval marginalia) and thought of you. Old news?

I didn't know it was a book as well! Does it have the same title? I'm looking for fun things to read that will help me with my Scandinavian over the summer . . .

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