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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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The Twitter hash-tags relating to swine flu are hilarious:



(Mea culpa!)


(That last one isn't so much funny in and of itself. It's just the German term for it. But if any language has vocabulary that's capable of making me laugh by sound alone, it's German.)

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LOLing at 'aporkalypse'!!

I'm personally finding #snoutbreak funnier, but yeah!

Seconding the lol at "aporkalypse".

I'm trying to find some other ones...

See also "Ragnarhock", "Trötterdämmerung", "Oh, the Hamanity".

*snerk* And I think I may be about to throw one into the pool myself...

Linked here by a friend, and LOL LOL LOL. I love the "snoutbreak." That one made me snicker like a 10 year old. But I think I'm also a little in love with Trötterdämmerung. HAHAHA!

It's rather heartening to see people mock the hell out of the whole affair, isn't it?

Absolutely. I hate the fact that people are just completely overreacting to this whole thing, and the media is just making it a million times worse with all their scaremongering. It's nice to see that there are some people out there still using their common sense and not freaking out.

"Regular" flu, as they're now calling it, still kills more people per year than have lost their lives so far to this few-week annoyance. It never ceases to amaze me, how people love a good hysteria :)

One of my friends' mothers works for a local elementary school, and they've been inundated with phone calls from parents saying, "So what are you going to do? What precautions are you taking? How are you preparing the children for this?"

And their response is rightfully: wash your hands. We're not going to try and explain the details of this to kindergarteners. SRSLY.

lol--I love "aporkalypse"!

Hey-the German word for flu is the same as French. That's interesting, although I feel no better about German. :D

...and I do wonder what the French are calling this. Hmmm.

It's not as entertaining. Apparently, they're calling it the "A H1-N1 flu." I don't where that name came from, but it's amusing that the actual flu has never been found in pigs...

Actually, one of my FB friends is a doctor in Quebec and the very first I even heard of swine flu was from a status she made about "la grippe porcine".

I don't really speak French, but I have a lot cognates from Spanish. But when I saw it I figured I must have misunderstood. Pig flu? Huh?

Then it was all over the news and I realized that I had gotten it right!

Tee hee, schweinegrippe. German makes everything funny.

Those are great. I've always said that German is just a fundamentally hilarious language!

(Deleted comment)
I've rarely seen anything so silly.

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