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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Have some astounding news:
Scientists spot oldest ever object in universe

Archaeologists show off rare Roman find

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The restored dish was absolutely lovely! I used to want to be an archeologist, because I liked their tiny brushes. Now I realize I do not have the patience for it.

Also, digging your new layout.

I'll definitely pop over to look at it when I'm in London in late May.

Been keeping pace with these two bits of news. Fascinating stuff.

They're a welcome change from you-know-what.

Re: oldest object ever

That. Is. So. Cool.

Wow--that is too cool! 13 billion years ago; I can't even begin to imagine!
And the plate is amazing!

*sigh* I can't wait to go to London!

Thanks for sharing the news!

Do you have a trip planned in the near future? I live far enough north of London that it's about a two-hour train ride, but I'll be going twice in late May by some happy accident.

Unfortunately, I'm not going as near in the future as I would like! One of my professors just told me about a summer study abroad program in London in which they go to eight Shakespeare productions. Hopefully, I'll be going next summer! :D

That dish is amazing! (Also, I love your new LJ theme - is it from LiveJournal or elsewhere?)

It's GORGEOUS. And I'm not one for ALLCAPS. ;)

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