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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Tuesday is digital shake-up day.
I know that, in a recent poll, a lot of you were four-square against my changing the layout of this blog - but I've gone and done it anyway, because a body can only stare at the same old, drab color scheme for so long. So, I hopped on over to thefulcrum at alankria's behest, and lo, what wonders I did behold! I finally settled on a layout called It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City.

I've made quite a few modifications to the text-bits, and I've formulated what is, I hope, a kick-ass sidebar that does a better job of promoting my writing than my main page used to. I decided it was high time I found a template that no longer left that job to my profile page.

(Feel free to let me know what you think / suggest improvements / throw rotten fruit / etc.)

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That looks very nice and orderly.


Yeah. There was something less orderly and very drab about the old one. It was starting to get to me. I needed something fresh for spring!

I like it. The sidebar is classy. A lot of sidebars suck, but that one is nice.

I will note that the entry text for this comment box is oddly small, though... Let's see what it looks like when posted.

Is the comment text all right when posted? It doesn't look too small to me, but I tend to be less picky about things like that.

It looks fine when posted! I don't know why the entry box makes the font so small when it's being typed... It's alright on my flatscreen monitor, but I wonder if it could be problematic for someone who is using a smaller monitor...?

I love your new look! Good colours. I especially like "Botheration" in the sidebar. ;)

I do love me some good old-fashioned botheration.

Very pleasing layout and seems to serve the stated purpose!

Oooh, I think it's lovely! And the sidebar is excellently organized. Thumbs up!

Right back atcha, Ando-kun.

(Deleted comment)
I always felt my links were too bunched-up before.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, and that's one thing I haven't figured out how to fix yet *sigh*

I had very limited experience with the old one, but this one is fabulous! Not only is it really pretty, it is easier to move around on. :D Great choice!

And just all-around brighter. I needed some brightness.

Brightness is good! I had to do the same thing with mine last week, though I'm not really happy with the results. :D

Yours looks really great!

Oh, I love the new sidebar! Especially the Lost Books excerpt - I think that's a wonderful idea. I think the orderliness + the decorated-enough-to-not-be-boring-ness is perfectly suited to you.

I love the flexibility of the sidebar in this layout, yes - definitely something I couldn't do before :)

This is one of my favorite layouts.

Quite pretty. Insanely talented designer.

I really like that new layout!

This layout is lovely <3
I'm a fan of the sidebar. Everything's neatly arranged and listed for easy findage.

The new layout is gorgeous, hon <3

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