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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Monday is digital clean-up day.
My submissions log and publication credits have been updated. I've never had so many listings labeled "forthcoming" as I have this spring! Then again, I'm only in my fourth year of this. It makes me wonder what next spring will look like.

(lomaiwe, I'm sending you a copy of Mythic Delirium 20. That's your surprise, my darling: nobody's ever given me so much reason to keep going as you have. First it was my music, and now it's my writing. I'd be nothing without you!)

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I am in awe of your publication skillz. O_O

April has been a conflicted month for me, though, on this front - I've written a lot of new poetry, and MD 20 came out, which I'd been looking forward to for months. On the flip side, though? I've gotten about four or five rejections in the past few weeks. It's amazing how tricky playing the What This Particular Editor Really Wants game can be!

(Deleted comment)
Hopefully. I'm vaguely worried about a couple of markets that I've been concentrating on recently that keep coming back as so-close-but-not-quite,-thanks. I don't like to be a thorn in anyone's side, but I'm incredibly determined to find out what makes them tick!

Wow-major congrats on all your publications!! That is really amazing! :D

And good luck with those you're still trying to figure out!

Thanks :) I post fairly regular updates about what's going on in my writing life, so if something happens, you'll certainly hear about it. Welcome to reading this journal, by the way.

You're very welcome!
I have to say, this layout is gorgeous! [I was working from a BlackBerry earlier. ;)] And I love the icon.

And thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing about all your interesting writing adventures and reading your work!

I found the layout on thefulcrum - she does amazing design work, and all of it's free (as long as you credit her). Ooh, a BlackBerry! I've never used one, but I suspect I may want one in future when/if I can afford it.

Some of my work has been published in online magazines; those are the ones with hotlinked titles in my profile (and I've included a few in the sidebar on this main journal page). All of the others are in print, so those need to be tracked down via the magazines' websites and back-ordering (or current-ordering, as the case may be with Mythic Delirium) print issues. I'd love to be able to send everybody free copies of those, but I run out of copies quickly enough myself (and always need to hold at least one back for my own archives).

Thanks-I'll have to check that out!
BlackBerries are really awesome. I use it so much more than I thought I would!

Awesome--I'll track down what I can! And I completely understand about the copies--I was the same way when I worked on the newspaper! :D

(Deleted comment)
*hugs* It should arrive by late this week, I suspect!

Oh my, your new layout is incredibly pretty! I love the patterns and flowers. One of the nicest layouts I've seen on LJ, I think!

Dang, in a way I would like a new layout, but I've had my current one ever since I started on LJ, and it's all comforting and homey. I think that changing layouts isn't going to happen anytime soon, but I shall remember that comm for possible use in the future. :)

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