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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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That was, to say the least, unexpected.
My supervision yesterday morning? Was amazing. There's stuff I can do with Chapter 2 that I'd never even realized, and Chapter 3 might actually be a lot more fun than I was expecting. So: in light of doing-more-with-Chapter-2 and all the research trips that I'll really need to space across the summer for Chapter 3, I've decided to take a writing-up year (or half of one, anyway - probably even less, as these things never take as much time as I think they will, although in light of all this eye-opening, I'm making a smart decision). At worst, it means I'll graduate in July of 2010 instead of March. Psht, details! I'd rather my grandparents truck it over here in summer than in winter.

This means I'll be less stressed out up through September, and it also means that I'll be able to audition for the Lords of Misrule summer production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Yay! Ever since Romeo & Juliet, I've been a bit frustrated that everything seemed too condensed and hectic for me to even consider going back to the stage. The way I see it, if nobody's going to bloody hire me for part-time work any time soon, I might as well do something that's for me.

(I've been so depressed and sequestered away since January. The writing is good, but I need air.)

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Yay for being less stressed out! :-)

I need air

And lights and a stage...

:- )

Those things, too. We tend to perform the summer shows outdoors!

woohoo! outdoor theatre ftw

(Deleted comment)
It resembles a plan, anyway. It will do.

A writing up year is good for you - less worrying about deadlines and more focus on making sure you're PhD is good. Also, gives you more time to prepare publications, which will make job searching easier afterwards. And being officially a student means no council tax and all kinds of discounts - I still pine for the happy days when I didn't have to pay council tax.

In short, take as long as you can, it only gets worse after. :)

According to University of York's website, being registered for a writing-up year does not necessarily mean you are registered full-time anymore (and therefore are not eligible to be exempt from Council Tax anymore). Did your school let you still be exempt? Do you know if it varies from school to school?

As far as I know you are officially a student until you hand in your thesis - not until you graduate, though. But you should be a student until your official final deadline. I don't see how it should change from school to school - surely it makes no difference to the University whether you pay council tax? But you can call the council and find out, I guess. Or ask former students if you know people?

Oh, that sounds good indeed. I'm so glad this will lessen your stress!

Doing things just for yourself is an excellent and necessary thing to do, too.

Or it may add to it, as theater sometimes does ;)

I didn't know j00 act :)
That is AWESOME!

I played Romeo in high school. It was fun :P

I played Friar Laurence two summers ago. That was fun, too :)

Are you going for any particular part in MSND, or just throwing yourself on the mercy on the director?

On the audition sheets, we normally get to write down what part or parts we're particularly interested in, if any. For Romeo & Juliet, I said I'd play anything and ended up cast as Friar Laurence. This time around, I'm going to say I'm really very interested in playing Titania. I haven't been a woman on stage in ages.

Coolness. (Although I could picture you as Hermia, too. Or would 'small and intense' be typecasting? :ducks and runs:)

On the more "traditional" female leads in any given show, many Lords directors have tended to prefer girly-girls with very long hair. That, I haven't got!

Nothing to do with this entry:
Had you heard anything regarding UtR? I thought I remembered hearing an early April publication date, but now I'm not as certain.

To do with this entry:
Good luck with the MSND auditions! It's always been one of my favorites by the bard.

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