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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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James took some pictures of me this morning, and this one turned out best:


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I dunno. It cuts off that wonderful tip of your nose.

More nose, please!

Hmmm. Shall play around and see if we can fix that.

(I take perverse pride in knowing that my nose, once lamented as...well, lamentable...by most of my family is, elsewhere in the world, considered one of my better features!)

Probably best not to move too quickly. It could be that only one person, on this particular block in Pittsburgh, considers one of your better features.

Actually, my friends and acquaintances in England and elsewhere in Europe seem to approve of my nose, too. But yes, Pittsburgh would be an anomaly, given that most of my family are from the area and they're the ones traditionally disapproving.

You have family around here? Maybe I knew it, but had just forgotten. Well, phooey (fooey?) on them.

I grew up in Brookville; my mom still lives there. A couple of siblings are hanging on in Clarion. My grandparents live in West Leechburg.

And how do you like your health care system there? Or did you already chime in on that subject at my poll?

I think I did weigh in on your poll, yes :)

Very nice!!

Though I agree - more nose! :)

(Deleted comment)
It's one of the BPAL scent lockets.

I like it, although there is a sense of things sliding down.

Terminal with that particular jumper, I'm afraid. One shoulder or the other is always visible...


I drooled over that one for so effing long. And I love how you tied it! You look adorable as usual madam. ^o^

It's a nice pendant. I love it :)

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