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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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A friend of ours is involved with a local Roman re-enactment group, so we're all piling in a rental car to go to Beverley to watch him perform in this sordid affair. Funny. Also, I've never seen Beverley Minster before.

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That sounds really cool, let us know what it's like :)

It was...very crowded. And I was a bit disappointed in the acting effort (little to none). Otherwise, it was interesting - I'd never participated in the crowd aspect of this kind of street theater before.

Pubs in Beverley that are drinkable: The Green Dragon, The White Horse (otherwise known as Nellys. Is a Sam smiths and still has the original gas lighting) and the Monk's Walk (which is up by the Minster)

If you get the chance, nip into St. Mary's - it has a ceiling of kings, the original inspiration for the white rabbit from Alice (stone carving - located on the doorway to the old crypt) and a tiny carved mouse on the carved wooden door (the left hand side of the building - it's the Carver's signature.)

Huh. Do they do that regularly and I have just missed it every time I lived there.

We ended up in the Queen's Head on account of one of the guys in the Roman group preferring it. The food wasn't all that great :-P We couldn't get into St. Mary's on account of services being held, but we did get to see the Minster.

Queen's head...up in Wednesday Market? Not one of the pubs I've ever drank in but I am a creature of habit when it comes to my pubs. Also, it was often full of squaddies, which, ew, no.

I think Roman Legion uniforms are kind of hot. Hm.

I'm a sucker for those things, it's the folkie in me I think.

(This icon is probably in poor taste.)

Which group is that? I had a friend who's interested in Early Roman re-enactment (couldn't be persuaded to fast-forward a couple of centuries and join Comitatus!), and is looking for a group.

Edited at 2009-04-11 10:38 am (UTC)

Sixth Legion at the Roman Baths Museum :)

Ah, the Sixth! Of course. We've been a bit out of touch, I'd forgotten about them. :)

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