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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I've made so many locked poetry posts this week that this place must look dead from the outside.
The prompts have been excellent. This writing-a-poem-a-day thing is really working out! In other news, things continue to suck on the unemployment front, although at any given time I have out a handful of applications and continue to sell my possessions out of sheer stubbornness. I could get used to the ascetic way of life.

Submissions made today: Orbis magazine and the Templar Poetry Pamphlet Competition. I confess the steep-ish entry fee was one of the reasons for the most recent streak of peddling my wares!

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I've kinda gotten rid of a lot of my possessions just because I wanted to see how cluttered I've become over the years, at least in terms of material things.

I've probably made a good 500 dollars in the past month getting rid of shit on Craigslist. For starters, I had clothes in my closet anywhere from sizes 4-14. Crikey.

I know, right? It's kind of amazing! Since February, I've probably made near £400 just from selling stuff that, really, was gratuitous when I thought about it. It's been enough of a slow, steady burn to let me coast on through this spate of (continuing) unemployment and also pay one desperately urgent utility bill :)

Oh I've more or less stopped buying anything "new" altogether other than socks and undies - I take stuff to the thrift store too cos they give you coupons when you do. Same with my old books - I'm kind of a penny pincher, but you'd never know it looking at how nice I keep my tiny apartment.

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