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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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A couple of things:
* I used to do Unfriending Amnesty about this time every year, but these past couple of years, I really haven't. I've always said I'll never do a friends-cull unless I really can't handle keeping up with posts (even if I don't always comment), and so far, I still find it manageable. However, if you, for any reason, have been wanting to remove me from your flist, please feel free to do so!

* While people are asking questions about pieces of my work available in hard-copy, I might as well plug this again: the Ruins Terra anthology is available here and has many wonderful stories in it besides mine! As for the various print magazines I've appeared in, I'm afraid I don't know which past ones are still available as back-issues; one would have to inquire on the websites. There are plenty forthcoming, however! If you ever want to know where my work's been and where it's going to be, you need only look at the credits listed on my profile. It's updated regularly.

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I just noticed that you have over 500 friends - I think I'd go cross-eyed from all those posts. :) I have a small group - but every now and then I kind of want to remove some people I've acquired through other friends. I feel guilty about it - because I know the group on my LJ is pretty tight in real life (it started for me as a few friends from college, and then I started adding on their friends... which is how I got to this point). I personally don't mind if someone unfriends me - in real life I'd probably stop being in contact with them, why the drama about unfriending some people online? There's one person who complains all the time. Multiple times per day. While she may have some genuine reasons to complain, it's just not good reading. I stopped following a few people on Twitter who were feeding their tweets into LJ and Facebook (which I barely use anymore and am about to give up).

I'm a lot more casual on Twitter; there are a handful of people I've followed off-and-on at a whim. I can't really say I've ever experienced LJ friending/unfriending drama; there are even a few people on LJ who I'll sometimes watch for a week or so if I see something intriguing (usually writing-related) being talked about on their journal, then unfriend them again. Nobody's ever asked me, hey, what on earth are you doing? *shrugs*

I think I should just unfriend the person and see if they notice.

I'd say that's a pretty safe bet.

[smiles in recognition at her icon]
Hi again! and, thank you both for your hospitality, it was lovely to meet you this weekend. I got home about quarter past seven, journey fine, kids waiting up to say goodnight both pleased to see me. I look forward to talking on lj :)

No trouble! You're welcome any time.

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