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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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This makes me happy:
Potentially good news on at least one species of river dolphin.

(I was so sad when China's baiji were declared extinct. The world is running out of water-monsters!)

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That's fantastic!

I actually cried a little when I heard about the baiji. Evolution taking its course is one thing, but when an extinction is caused by humans and it's so preventable...

So did I. Same with news of the sacking of Baghdad's museum in the wake of the invasion in '03.

(Deleted comment)
I've always loved river dolphins, but for some reason, I liked the baiji best. Sad, sad day.

Awesome- I love River Dolphins. The Baiji had me fuming for an entire month- hopefully now I'll be smiling for a month!

:hugs the Susus and Botos:

I saw a documentary on Botos when I was younger; there was some amazing footage of them jumping out of the water to get at fruit on a hanging tree branch. Amazing.

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