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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Writerly news-ish stuff:
  • I got my contributor's copies of BSFA's Focus, Winter 2008 issue, in which I have six poems. It's very shiny! All my thanks to the editor, Martin McGrath, for asking way back in November.

  • One of my local poetry colleagues, Rose Drew, has accepted "Firstborn," which I wrote specifically to the purpose, for an anthology of poems (some with an amazing postmodern bent) about the Green Man that's going to be on sale in shops around York and possibly elsewhere if Rose can negotiate it. Cool.

  • One of the poems from Dead Zones, my e-chapbook through Gold Wake Press, is going to be included in an anthology called Chronology that's being published as a joint effort between Gold Wake and Tilt Press in August. Thanks in this case go to J. Michael Wahlgren. Also cool.

  • I've submitted "Five Secret Selves" to Strange Horizons. In the wake of two fiction rejections back in 2007, I hadn't tried my luck with them in quite some time. We'll see what happens!

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Also....look for box of Daffins and Peeps! Love, mom

And you can look out for an envelope with some copies of Focus in it :)

(Deleted comment)
They're one of the better established webzines in the SF/F/Spec genre. The first thing I submitted to them was "Journeying," which Mythic Delirium eventually took. Just goes to show you how subjective it is; I'm almost making a game of trying to figure out what their poetry editor likes, exactly. I read all of the poetry they publish, and there are very often pieces that I consider dead similar to some of the stuff I've sent them! It's a mystery.

Ooh, congrats on the pub and acceptances!

Thanks :) And StAnza was a lot of fun this year, although I probably already said that.

Congratulations, and thanks for the heads up about Rose's current project. I'll look out for that when it hits the shelves.

Have you seen The Exhibitionists, the one that came out in...hmmm, December or January, I believe? That's an anthology of work by those of us who regularly read at the Exhibition Hotel. I do think The Green Man Wakes: Legends Past, Present, and Future promises to be excellent, though. What glances I had at the galley were tantalizing :)

Agree with you on the Strange Horizons front, the poetry editor is a mystery. I'm trailing on 2 or 3 rejections from them in around 2007/2008, and am just now debating to retry my luck. Let me know how you luck out this time around.

(ps - meant to ask you? was I correct in reading on your profile you have poem(s) in the upcoming April issue of Under the Radar? I'll have to look for your name if you do, as two of mine are appearing in that issue. :0))

Edited at 2009-03-25 05:48 pm (UTC)

As in Under the Radar from Nine Arches Press in the UK? If so, yes, we're in the same issue coming up :) However, if it's the Under the Radar that's run from Stateside (no affiliation to Nine Arches), I fear we may be in different mags!

Judging by the .uk email in my records, I'd say it's the Nine Arches one. (An old professor over here, ironically enough, turned me to it.) So, small world, I guess?

Hey, small world indeed!

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