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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Now, this one? Is dead clever:
Dear readers,

I have suffered complete identity-loss amnesia. Please fill in the blanks. Tell me who I am! I trust you, my friends, to tell me only the truth and to steer me in the right direction.

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Did - did I write that? Wow. Go me!


I don't remember myself! It has been so long since I could put names to faces, but I find your posts fascinating, even if I do not comment often enough. :-?

Thank you all the same! I've always found yours fascinating, too.

You're a lovely, wonderful poet with fantastic taste in shoes.

And very small feet, it would seem ;)

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you're an elf.

That would explain the ears, then.

Medievalist. Poet. Film fan. Fellow BPAL enthusiast.


BPAL? What is this BPAL of which you speak?


Not as much as I used to, you'll be surprised to know - it tends to turn my stomach these days!

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(Deleted comment)
1. Duh.
2. A.k.a. hearing these damn character voices in my head.
3. And jumps in lakes fully clothed.

You are a secret agent for a top-secret international organisation devoted to ferreting out art thieves. Your specialty is rare manuscripts; hence your cover as a poet that is writing a medieval PhD as a backup plan.

Oh, good - so it's no great loss if I don't finish the damn Ph.D., right?

You're a woman who weaves words into tapestries too beautiful for other words to express simply, a published poet within stone-throwing distance of her Ph.D., a listener of excellent music, reader of fascinating books, sniffer of wonderful scents, lover of felines, and a really hoopy frood.

Although I may have mislaid my towel...

(Deleted comment)
Tu parles pas mal le français :) (je me permets de te dire 'tu' :) )

Ah, merci! Alors, ça c'est pourquoi je te comprends...;) (Naturellement!)

You have a red right ankle, a gypsy uncle (you never knew him 'cause he was dead), and several boys who loved you, now and then.

I'm also really enjoying The Hazards of Love.

(Deleted comment)
Now that I've peeled my madly laughing arse off the floor...

Adreesha, huh? I guess I'll get used to it!

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(Deleted comment)
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You are an amazingly talented writer who loves good music, reading and tea. You also have incredibly beautiful skin. :)

Sad, how little time I have for recreational reading these days :(

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