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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Dear British Library,

You will very kindly hand over to me the manuscript known as Cotton Nero A.x. before you manage to "mislay" that, too. Also every copy of Piers Plowman you have in your possession.

Bogglingly Cordially yours,
Adrienne J. Odasso, almost Ph.D.

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(Deleted comment)
Actually, I've been kind of snarky @ BL for some time now *sigh* They are ludicrously difficult to deal with when it comes to needing to look at very high-security manuscripts. I AM TRAINED TO HANDLE THESE THINGS. What part of that do you not understand, Mr. Head Curator Person?! I HAZ REFERENCES!

(Deleted comment)
They are good for that. But man, when it comes to looking at the really fragile MSS, even if you need to and you can prove you have the credentials? Forget it. I think you'd need to prove to them you were God. At least I can get my hands on the ones I need for my Ph.D., but CNA.x.? That one's a side research interest, and apparently even high-level academics have had trouble gaining access.

"Mislay"? There's a euphemism if I ever saw one.

aaargh! What did they lose?

The article gives a (tiny) partial listing...

... I didn't realise that was a link. WHUPS.

Yeah i saw that. Whatever, British Library. (It could be an awesome opportunity for all those library sciencey people who specialize in old and rare texts to come in, close down the library for a couple weeks/months/years, and catalog everything. Maybe it could be like a program though universities or something?)

(Deleted comment)
I don't think its surprising, given the size of the collection, but it's still terrible publicity!

Then again, they're probably used to that sort of thing. They're the @#$#%@^ BL. Their reputation is pretty sound.

To be honest, I bet if you went through any major library, you'd find stuff like this going on. It's not great, obviously, but I doubt it's just the British Library having unique!fail...

I was there today, funnily enough!

I'm waiting for the English Department to approve my request for money from the Leavis Fund so I can take a couple trips down to London, one to Liverpool, and another back to Dublin. I'll be going soon, hopefully...

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