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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Everything's moving in slow motion.
All thorns & no grace
I had a supervision yesterday. No more edits on the Edition or Introduction (old-old work), a few more edits on Chapter 1 (old work), lots of edits on Chapter 2 (brand-new work). Chapter 3 is about-to-be-tackled work, in theory, if the English Department will just see fit to fund a few research trips for me (London, Manchester, Dublin, Liverpool). I'm tired, so very tired. It helps that Derek still affectionately calls me kiddo, helps that Linne's always asking if I've managed to find new part-time employment yet (I thought I had, but York Council Recruitment Pool is actually being very slow in confirming whether I'm starting a nine-week maternity cover gig on the 23rd or not), helps that Kalamazoo ICMS is just around the corner....but. Today's the first day in ages that I haven't had to do anything, so I slept till ten, dragged my duvet down the stairs, ate some stale bread with butter and jam on, and promptly started web-surfing. And that's pretty much what I've been doing for three hours, sitting here in nothing but a dusty blue pajama tank-top and organic cotton knickers. My sister talks about gynecological woes on her blog; I talk about boring-yet-hopefully-ethical underwear on mine.

It's at this point I'm beginning to realize all the lightbulbs are dead except one, so any second now, my eyes are going to start hurting. I leave for StAnza in St. Andrews, Scotland tomorrow. elrice79 (usually known as Laura), who is getting over the Death Flu, is coming with me. I had two bouts of Death Flu this winter, but I got over it in about three days both times. My immune system, so woeful from my mid-teens through my early twenties, has blossomed into a super-efficient battle machine. I'm very rarely ill these days, and when I am, it's usually weird stress-related things, like migraines. Germs? They'll get booted out after a few days, fairly minor symptoms suffered, no harm done.

I'm honestly not sure what I had intended to post about, but it wasn't this.


(Photo courtesy of thesilentpoet. Thank you!)

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Awww, poor kitty! Speedy recovery!

She's in a smaller cast now! Healing swiftly.

Have fun in St. Andrews, and say hi to it for me!

I did! The weather was really gorgeous.

Your poor cat! That photo makes me sad...sometimes I'm actually more affected by hurt/sick animals than people. As for undies, I really like the handmade ones sold by Supayana on Etsy. At $20 a pair, though, I have yet to buy any. When will you be in Chicago again? May?

May 5th and 6th :) We'll depart the evening of the 5th for Kalamazoo. Flying in a day early this time.

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