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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Real-life update: job applications, poetry readings, etc.
Part-time front: I had an interview with City of York Council's recuitment pool on Tuesday, and they took all my details and have offered me a nine-week gig starting on 23 March. It's something! After that, I'll presumably be shuffled into another part-time gig that needs filling, and so on. Damn, but they pay well in comparison to retail.

I put in an application for this two-year stipendiary lectureship in English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Now that the deadline is past, all I can do is wait. They're aiming to do interviews in early April, so if I'm going to hear anything, it'll be within the next couple of weeks.

Poetry front: Things are pretty fantastic. Or, if not fantastic, at least very optimistic and brimming with one or two things I can't wait to officially talk about, but on which, for the moment, I'll happily bide my time. York Literature Festival has provided so many opportunities for reading and doing volunteer work over these past few weeks that I feel distinctly spoiled. "Answer Me," my short story that's due out soon-ish in an anthology called Needles and Bones from Drollerie Press (as is a set of poems that I wrote, in Straying from the Path, also listed at that link), made for good reading across two evenings. Both audiences reacted gorgeously. I should put more time into fiction, perhaps. When the Ph.D. is done...

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Good luck with LMH! If you get it, it's theoretically just-about-possible that you might teach me, which would be very strange, as I've never had a tute with an lj person before...

Oh, wow! Well, I'll certainly keep you posted as to whether I get called in for an interview or not.

Oh, I'm so glad you found temp work :)

On the horizon, yes, finally.

Congratulations on getting into the council's temping pool. If you ever get assigned to Energy Efficiency, I just know you'll love the view from their office (with its utterly immense windows). Also, if you get assigned to Housing Standards and Adaptations you'll probably end up talking to me a lot :P

Best of luck for the lectureship :)

You're working for the Council at the moment, then? Full-time, I assume, while you look for academic stuff?

Thanks :)

No, I'm running an office at the science park and end up talking to people at CYC almost every day.

Good luck on the LMH application! I know the don who will probably be assessing you -- Vincent Gillespie. If you meet him in person just remember that he's a big teddy bear, really -- I spent last year being scared shitless of him only to have him show up at my K'zoo presentation and tell me that he thought I was brilliant.

If you get called for an interview and need a place to stay let me know!

OMG THANK YOU. That would be great. If I get an interview, yes, I will be pawing on your door with big, pathetic eyes...

Well, if you do come down for an interview, let me know - depending on when/where I move to, I might be able to put you up for the night(s). Don't think I've every been over to LMH, but I believe it's one of the farther out campuses, and they usually have very nice gardens and such.

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