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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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...my brain will not start working again for days.
You know how my poem, "Journeying," is set to appear in Issue 20 of Mythic Delirium?

I had no idea that this issue was not only the 10th anniversary issue, but will also be featuring a brand-new poem from Neil Gaiman. Or at least I had no idea about the Gaiman bit until today.

time_shark, that's spectacular!

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SQUEEEEEEEEE! That's so exciting, wow. <3

And a little nerve-wracking, too, if you think about the fact that all contributors to any given magazine or anthology usually try to read everybody else's out of courtesy, curiosity, or competitiveness ;)

Your icon is fantastic.

Wow, how cool!! And that should mean more people buy the magazine, too, so you should get more readers! :D

That's what I'm thinking. I'll be amazed if the issue doesn't sell out!

congratulations! and six degrees!

(Deleted comment)
It's going to be a huge issue. I can't wait to read it :)

(Deleted comment)
Random duck! If I'd submitted any earlier or any later than I did, this wouldn't have happened. I had no idea what issue I was even submitting for at the time I put in (I had assumed #19, at a vague guess).

I already told you on Facebook, but wow, this is truly wonderful. Hooray!

Probably the closest thing to five minutes of genuine fame I'll ever have *wry grin* Yeah, it's lovely.

That's brilliant, congratulations!

And, in many ways, totally random - I hadn't known what issue I was submitting for at the time I sent some poems!

That is very cool! Congratulations, by the way.

Thank you <3 It's very random and very surreal, actually. I had no idea what issue my poem would end up in at the time I was notified of acceptance. I had thought #19, but then it was like, no, wait, you're in #20. And I was like, huh, okay. And whoa, now that it's all come out in the wash!

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