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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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...Chapter 2 is done. How is that even possible?
This is all very improbable to me: I spent the first eight months of this Ph.D. transcribing an 80-folio manuscript (a.k.a. AN ENTIRE FARKING A/C HYBRID TEXT OF PIERS PLOWMAN). From there, I spent the next sixteen months in a morass of figuring out where the hell my argument was going, how to negotiate the various tricky editorial options at my disposal in preparing a diplomatic edition, annotating the sucker, and slowly-but-surely hammering out my Introduction and Chapter 1. The edition is a monster, nearly 300 pages long. I have to sit back and think about that every time it hits me.

Now, I can safely add Chapter 2 to the same finished-pile that Intro and Ch. 1 are sitting in. These three items constitute another 53 pages above and beyond the almost-300 that are the edited, annotated monster about which I seriously doubted I would have anything remarkably intelligent to say.

(While it may not be remarkably intelligent, I can at least hold out hope for brilliant judge that my supervisors have never at any point been displeased with me, and OMG, there's only Chapter 3 and God. I'm so tired.)

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(Deleted comment)
The edition was so massive that it felt like doing about ten chapters...good thing I attacked that part of the project first; elsewise, I'd be sitting here in the middle of the slog thinking OMG KILL ME in earnest. Intro + 3 chapters doesn't sound like much, but when you tack on the edition and all the fiddling that took for two years in the background, oy. I might have thought twice about this kind of project if I had known how hair-tearingly bizarre it would get at points...

Sorry to hear you've had a setback :(

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