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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Eleventh-hour awesomeness!
I've been invited to read on behalf of The Liberal's Sad Poets' Society for the Last Tuesday Society's Loss: Hendrick's Valentine's Day Ball on 13 February in London. I'd never heard of the Last Tuesday Society before, but seriously, take a few moments to look at their website. According to the description, they are:

a ‘pataphysical organization founded by William James at Harvard in the 1870s and presently run by The Chancellor, Mr.Viktor Wynd. It is devoted to exploring and furthering the esoteric, literary, and artistic aspects of life in London and beyond.

What's not to love about that? My thanks to Benjamin for the invite!

(Laura's coming along, because James can't get off work. Boo. Girls' night out! Yay.)

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(Deleted comment)
The photos from last year's are kind of wacky :)

ahhhh i love 'pataphysics. have tonnes of fun!

That's fantastic - you go, girl!

The costumes floating around will, I hope, be incredibly diverting.

Congrats! It sounds wonderful.

Laura is making a skirt to wear to this. I'm thinking I'm screwed, wardrobe-wise; we have to walk around London for a whole day leading up to it, so I have to choose something that looks distinctive but, at the same time, won't be impractical for running around in all day. Argh.

(Deleted comment)
Are you attending on the 13th, then? Will I see you? :)

Sounds really cool. What are you planning to read?

Benjamin has asked me to bring somewhere in the neighborhood of five pieces, and he wants one of them to be "The Word for Love." Because so many of my pieces run short as it is, I think I'll take that one, "Cradle Song," "Snap," "Devil's Road Down," and "Four Last Things," which is a long-ish poem in four short parts.

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