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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Attention, sister poets!
WOMPO - Women's Poetry Listserv

I've joined the mailing list, which so far seems to be a thriving, fascinating forum (for example: the discussion du jour is Emily Dickinson and trauma). Additionally, there's the Women Poets Reader Directory, which is open to listserv members. I've currently got listings under the Northern Europe and Anywhere in the U.S. sections. Book me to read at your child's birthday party next literary-themed or poetry-related event!

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I am particularly interested in Emily Dickinson and trauma (see icon) -- thanks for linking this!

Granted, there is a bit of drama currently built into the discussion - but that's all mailing lists for you, isn't it?

Hi, I just saw your intro on the Wompo list, where I've been lurking for a while; I guess I should get around to posting my own intro these days. Meanwhile, I've friended you here on LJ.

Hello! Very nice to meet you :)

Hi Adrienne - Enjoying your blog! And thanks for mentioning and linking to the Women Poets Reader Directory.
Best wishes,
Ann White

Hello again, Ann - thanks for dropping by! A lot of other poets read this blog, so I'm hoping maybe a few others will join up, too.

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