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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Go see Milk. Now.
(That's an order, not a suggestion.)

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They took it out of my theater. I'll rent it when I get the chance, but for anyone else who doesn't have it showing nearby, there is an excellent documentary film on Harvey Milk on hulu. Here's the link: http://www.hulu.com/the-times-of-harvey-milk

I've heard good things about the movie version, but this film was incredibly inspiring as well. Even if you've seen Milk, you should watch this.

Oh, thanks! I will definitely watch that.

I just saw it last night! It left me pretty speechless.

I made this post once I'd gotten home from seeing it. Given I was just in San Francisco a few weeks ago, it felt all the more vivid!

I just thought everything about it was wonderful. The acting, the direction, stunning. I'm sort of embarrassed because it's the first Oscar nominated movie I've seen this year, but I suppose that is the life of the grad student.

My Friend and co worker asked me to go with her tonight

However I am here at work unable to go with.
I was just reading some stuff on Harvey Milk- how the man who murdered him committed suicde.

He did indeed. After serving only five years in prison for what he did...

(Deleted comment)
Yep, I just saw it last night, too. Amazing.

(Deleted comment)
It is? I've seen it there twice, but I could go again.

And sob all the way through. God damn it.

Yeah - the opening sequence made me tear up. Definitely not much with the emotional stability...

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you while I was in SF! dianyla and I tried to arrange something, but it didn't pan out!

I'm finally, erm, paying to see it next week, ahem.

Isn't it lovely? And they all look so hobbity cute!

It is lovely, but I'm not sure I think they look "hobbity" cute *vaguely puzzled*

The hair. There was quite a collection of people with hobbit-style curly hair there, boys and girls both. And curly-haired loving people being collective and fighting against oppression--perhaps pretty idiosyncratic associations on my part.


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