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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Oh, finally a good day!
In addition to writing about 1500 words on Chapter 2 of my thesis, I've sold "Cradle Song" to Jabberwocky!

(It'll be appearing in #4. This publication is relatively new to me, but I really like what I've seen.)

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Yay! (To both things). Well done on getting the poem accepted.

It's nice to have a new sale to report. Most of the sales that are being released about now are actually old news. Here's to actual new news, then! Thank you :)

Thank you! I really felt I needed to work on my Stateside subs, of which this was one, so I'm pleased.

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It must be nice to see your work staring back at you from nice crisp paper :)

Congratulations, on both the 1500 words and "Cradle Song." I don't know if I commented here on "Cradle Song" at the time, but it's one that really struck me when I read it and has stuck with me ever since.

Thanks you :) I'm quite chuffed.

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