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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Did anybody else have to scramble and switch over to MSNBC when CNN's footage lost sound?
(Kind of a funny moment, but rather eerie, as the camera-work also went suddenly wonky.)

* What an unusual sense of gravity the proceedings had! Quite appropriate, though.

* Did anybody else really love that arrangement of Simple Gifts? Yo-Yo Ma is a delight to watch.

* Obama's speech: for him, that was sort of chiding (but gently so)! Also appropriate.

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LOVED the arrangement. And Yo-Yo Ma's joyful exuberance. Delightful.

The musicianship of that ensemble was top-notch all around.

I had a feeling that I was the only crazy West Wing fan in the room, so I restrained myself from yelling "Yo Yo Ma rules!" a la Donna.

Our CNN coverage went a little wonky at points but came back. And we didn't miss any of the speech, sound-wise. We were pretty sure it was the internet connection being overloaded.

Haha, my first thought on seeing Yo-Yo Ma was of the West Wing :D I personally didn't like the arrangement all that much, though...

I watched it all on the BBC. I thought the presentation was a little lacklustre, but luckily no one seemed keen to talk during the important stuff.

It might have impressed me less if the musicianship hadn't been so stellar. It was just the right combination of solid arrangement and excellent playing.

I have yet to see any of WW. I need to remedy this!

I adored that John Williams arrangement! I gotta find that to download somewhere. It was great.

I think it's already up on YouTube *g*

I just uploaded a quick .mp3 rip from one of the YouTube clips, if that'll tide you over until a quality version appears somewhere.

(Deleted comment)
it feels like none of them will be kept

Given that he had the busiest lead-up to transition and has the fullest first week in office that I've ever seen, I'm rather surprised when I see this sentiment! He's certainly backing his words up with actions so far, or the first requisite steps towards those actions. If he'd, say, immediately gone on holiday or something like that, I think that would be grounds for worry.

I hope you're feeling better!

(Deleted comment)
True, the FISA issue isn't the most happy-making of revelations. The financial situation, on the other hand - I think we would've seen massive bail-outs even from an alternative candidate in office. It seems to be the only thing that anyone knows how to do at the moment, and although further increasing the defeceit makes me nervous, too, I'm not sure I can point to an immediate alternative. If the financial team is smart, they'll be looking for ways to begin counteracting the increase as soon as is possible.

In the meantime, get your rest!

That's what it was! I knew the tune but couldn't remember what it was. And yes, it was lovely.

It's the first time I've watched an inauguration (and really, the first time I've wanted to; I wasn't politically aware during the Clinton years) and it was so inspiring.

I remember that my parents had the television on for Bush Sr.'s inauguration, but I was quite young at the time. I recall watching Clinton's, though. I had no desire to watch either of W's.

Bits of the arrangement were lovely; Y-Y M is as always delightful; whoever that was with the clarinet (tell me that was a clarinet?) was clearly having loads of fun; the pianist's fingerless gloves made me smile; Perlman was fantastic.

The arrangement itself varied between beautiful and totally chaotic and reminiscent of an orchestra tuning up. Got lost in being too clever.

I thought the speech was brilliant, because he left enough WE WILL ROCK YOU in it to keep the people's attention and their enthusiasm, while emphasizing that the next several years are not going to be clover.

I think the near-chaos of it was part of the charm for me *g*

Ok, someone has got there way before me but: Yo Yo Ma rules!

And he does. :D

I have to say that Simple Gifts sounded a lot like Aaron Copeland to me (but I still liked it).

And I agree with previous commenters that you must watch The West Wing!

You know, that had crossed my mind!

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