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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Publication news, et cetera.
The winter issue of BSFA's Focus has finally gone to press, which means I should have my contributor's copies within the next couple of weeks. They ended up printing all six of the poems I sent them, which is excellent; that'll be the highest number of pieces I've ever had appear in one place. Also: paying gig, hurrah!

My thanks to the editor, Martin McGrath.

Has anybody else been following The Joker Blogs? It's eerie. Be sure you watch the vids in order, as there's a distinct plotline afoot. The production values are surprisingly good, and the guy's attention to mannerism detail? Nice.

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Psst! Don't forget to activate your poetry board with the activation email!

I did - and then when I signed in, it said my account was awaiting approval from an administrator. What does that mean, exactly?

ETA: I tried logging in again just now (my last attempt was earlier this morning, after I'd clicked the link in the activation email), and it's still telling me the same thing. Is that normal, or is there a problem?

Edited at 2009-01-16 07:05 pm (UTC)

Let me know if you find out anything; it still won't let me in.

You should be able to now...


Who's that in your icon, by the way?

Well HURRAH for you! That must be very exciting.

The issue has been some months in the compiling, so yes - but quite worth the wait! I can't wait to see what else is in it as far as content; I wasn't familiar with the publication until the editor approached me based on some work of mine he'd seen in another magazine and asked if I'd consider submitting for their featured poet slot in this particular issue.



But I will know, and that will be enough.

Also, these blogs are intense! Although, the most recent one rather throws off the tone. :)

I will never be ridiculously famous unless I think up, I don't know, a novel that becomes as wildly popular as the HP franchise :-P Poets don't become famous, per se. They just become recognizable. Granted, I'd even take recognizable. I think I'd need to at least double my current list of publication credits before I hit that point...

(I know - the most recent one is rather silly, so you just sort of have to take it as unconnected to the other three. Man, I can't wait to see what comes after "Meet Steve.")

I subscribe to the BSFA's publications, so my copy should be arriving soon too.

Whereas I should really start subscribing *headdesk*

Oh, hooray! That is excellent news.

Although not news as such; I've known since about October last year that this was in the works.

Yes. But all of them being accepted?

Also the fact of it coming out is neat.

Congrats on getting so many pieces published in one issue! Very impressive. :)

... I should not be watching those videos at. What is it, four five in the morning? Not conducive to my mental health!

(Gah, I love the psychology of Joker. Love love love hee hee hahaha and all that jazz.

My favourite line from them all so far was, "I'm here because I want to be here." It's so true.

But I also loved when he was in the wrong Doctor's office. That amused me so. :])

I just want the next installment, whatever it's going to be!

Oh, congratulations! Getting paid for poems must be a brilliant feeling. :)

I still haven't watched those - I'll get on it pronto.

Poetry doesn't pay much, sadly, at least not when it's in magazines. I'd hazard a guess that, from all my publications to date, I've only made around $200-$300. And that's over three years' time, keep in mind...

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