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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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2009? Sucks so far. But anyway...
(Costochondritis = gone. Migraines = back! Hello again, misery.)

I've gotten some work done this week - actual work, now that the teaching's done - but I fear it's touched off the headaches. I'm not looking forward to next week, as that's when I've got to start writing Chapter 2. Which is complex and scary and will doubtless not be brilliant. It's one of those times when I wonder why my supervisors took the gamble.

DVDs I'd like to own in the coming year, so I don't bloody forget:


28 Days Later


The Dark Knight

Shaun of the Dead

The Brothers Grimm

Angels in America


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Um, is that a phallus in the top-right of your usericon?


...? I'm not even sure what part you're looking at. There's nothing remotely resembling one in there, as far as I can see. That part of the image was enclosed by a pallette-shape, you know, what an artist uses for mixing paints? Maybe you're seeing part of the remaining outline after the crop? I have no clue, otherwise.

OK, I don't know if it's just your journal layout, but the usericon showing for this entry on my friends page is one with a skull and some stuff (and what to me looks like a swoopy curvey line in the upper-right that only very vaguely hints at a phallus).

But when I click into it, I don't see that usericon in your journal display format.

Anyways. I have a dirty mind. We knew this.

Oh, and PS: I finally got a letter back from LDS records, trying to bounce me off to the local bishop. All is as mormonnomore.org has predicted...

As far as my letter, I have no idea who has it now or even what is being done with it. And I feel kind of apathetic, too - the minute I signed that letter, I officially resigned, so whatever the administration thinks is...meh. I did my part, and they're going to do theirs one way or another. I'm not going to get stressed about it regardless what happens. I was doing neither myself nor them any favors by sitting on the rolls, so really, it's a gesture of coming-clean and respect, the way I see it...

Migraines completely suck. :(

But your taste in films, on the other hand, is completely awesome. :)

Really hope you're feeling better.

I've just realized that my recent Cillian Murphy fixation is showing in a big way here :-p

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