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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Today, I'm in pain of a non-costochondrital variety. Can't win!
All thorns & no grace
James's work is sending him to Portsmouth for three days next week. I know I just came back from a five-day trip without him, but it's still enough to make me irritable. I feel like I've barely had my fill of catch-up on all the time we didn't get to spend together over the holidays. What's worse, I had promised myself I'd hit the Ph.D. grindstone today, but all I managed to do was mail off our passports for renewal, mail off a tax-refund claim, and get home just in time to start hurting like mad and face a huge backlog of laundry. And now James's phonecall as he's on his way home.

We're supposed to start a yoga class tonight, but I can hardly move thanks to the cramps.

(Epic Fail, Y/Y?)

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You've already gotten more done today than I probably will. I think it's sweet you'll miss James. Rick and I are rarely apart enough for me to miss him, so when it happens I am totally flummoxed.

What's annoying is that I rarely miss people when I'm the one traveling alone (so easily taken in by new places), but when I'm the one left at home? Oh boy. It feels vaguely hypocritical, which is at least half my annoyance here. But yes, it's cause to be flummoxed. I did miss James while I was in SF, though, because I know he wished he could've come along.

What amuses me is this past weekend I was desperate for Rick to get out of the house Friday night so I could have some time to myself, but he didn't have anyone to hang out with so we stayed home and watched movies, which was fine. Saturday, after we spend all day together, he has plans and two hours after he's gone I'm moping around all lonely and stuff. WTF, brain?

{{{hugs}}} Hope things go better tomorrow.

I've been feeling very...apathetic towards work. I hope that changes :-P

Vince and I almost never apart since we got married, so it's a bit surreal when we are. Before that, we were apart so much that I guess maybe now we're making up for lost time...?

Sorry you're hurting. That's never fun.

Did you have a long-distance relationship for a while before getting married?

Yeah. We met online, and our whole relationship was long-distance until we got married. Our wedding night was the first time we lived in the same town, let alone the same house.

I totally know what you mean, I barely get to see my hubby these weeks either. Just, you know, don't rip of James's head, since some of your irritability might be prescribed to your PMS :/ *gentle anti stress hugs*

*hugs* I don't know. The malaise has been coming and going for a few months now at least. It's kind of odd.

Huh, doesn't sound fun :(

(Deleted comment)
(For starters, I'm talking about menstrual cramps in this case.)

I'm not sure what caused my costochondritis leading up to/on Christmas. Probably the chest infection I'd had, or some other garden-variety stress!

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