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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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In San Francisco. Utterly knackered.
I've been here for about two hours, during which time I've painstakingly scrubbed the 20 hours of travel grime off my person. This hotel is nice. And I'd forgotten the conference events don't start up till tomorrow, so I've arranged to use this evening to meet up with one of the many lovely people I'm planning to do lunch (or dinner, or whatever) with in the next few days. If you're waiting on a call from me, don't worry - Jennifer and Besha, I'll likely text you two tonight, and dianyla, I just sent a response to your comment re: sushi possibilities on the 30th.

It's beautiful here, much warmer than I had expected. I can't wait to start poking around tomorrow morning!

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(Deleted comment)
My flight home is around 7-something PM on the 30th, which means I'll probably be heading to the airport around 5-ish that day. But yeah, till the 30th :) Are you free at all?

(Deleted comment)
That sounds fantastic :)

(Deleted comment)
Tommy Toy's - 655 Montgomery St. How's noon on the 30th?

hurrah for a safe journey!

Cara Soror: I just read LJ for the first time in a few days and your last post had me concerned. So glad to read you've arrived safely. Try to catch up on your rest, eh? Take care. Love and Light, k*

Re: hurrah for a safe journey!

*hugs back* I've been on ibuprofen for two days now, and that's really got the inflammation and pain down. I'm doing fine :)

You got here at the right time; the weather has finally gotten nice -- here's hoping it lasts! :)

It's chilly this evening, though. Brrr!

What's the weather like? I'm assuming I don't need a heavy winter coat?

Not a heavy one, no, but I'd recommend a long one!

(Deleted comment)
What is the name of the hotel? My cell phone is almost dead and the charger is in someone's car, or I would have already called to sort out details.

I'm at the Westin St Francis. I only just got your text this morning, as I passed out at about 8 PM last night and woke up just a little bit ago. The only thing I really HAVE to do today is a conference session at 3:30 and then I'm meeting up with somebody at around 5 PM at the BART downtown Berkeley stop. Are you free for meeting up in late morning/having lunch? This is basically the gist of my text, only more detailed.

UM what? How did I not know this? I would have INSISTED that you come to the Hotel Utah where I was seeing a friend play and had a drink with my sister and me! I fail utterly at life. ::headdesk::

Actually, I'm not sure - I've been talking about this trip for weeks! ;)

(Deleted comment)
Tomorrow for dinner, I'm wide open! Where's this tea house of which you speak? (Or, failing that, where do you think we should meet?)

(Deleted comment)
7-ish at Samovar sounds fine! I'm leaving my hotel now and won't return till - well, after we have dinnner! - so if anything goes amiss, ring me on (724) 388-3180. Did you get the test-text I sent the other night?

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