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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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This is me and my students from this term:

(Me and eight of the thirteen, anyway. A ninth is behind the camera.)

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Oh look! You all look so young and smart.
Have a great holiday.

They're quite bright, yes! And thanks, you too <3

(Deleted comment)
Ten quid in a vintage shop. I'm really loving secondhand stuff these days - more so than I used to. Either that or I'm having better luck with it!

You all look so nice, like the people I would love to meet.
Plus, I love your style, the dress is so nice.

I'll miss teaching them, that's for sure.

You are so pretty! Btw, how was your birthday?

Not bad! We drank the vintage port :)

(Deleted comment)
That's a gorgeous dress you're wearing! (And have a wonderful Christmas!)

Found it in a vintage shop :)

Thanks - you too!


(Deleted comment)
It was a bit long. It got a severe trimming yesterday.

Ja, seriosuly. Your hair is super awesome.

It's a bit shorter now, as I got it cut yesterday in preparation for my trip.

Chiming in to join the "Nice dress rawrrrrrr!" chorus.

You all look like a fun bunch :)

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