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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Remember that 45 year-old bottle of Quinta do Noval port that I found in Leeds?
We just opened and decanted it. Oh, wow. It's the color of the clearest garnets you can imagine! They say that 1963 was the second-best year for port in history (the first being 1932). We'll find out if that's true.

(We're going to drink it after dinner. We were originally going to consume it on election night, but since Laura wasn't here, it got deferred to today, the eve of my birthday. This bottle's been held with great impatience for a year with so many impossible wishes attached. And I think they've all come true.)

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WOW. That's quite something. I hope it's as lovely as anticipated.

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We're hoping so, too! It smells like it will be...

Oh, goodness. Please post in detail -- that sounds just fantastic!

And happy birthday in advance!

I plan on it ;) And thank you!

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Ooh, glorious. *shinyeyes* Please do give us a full account of its awesomeness.

Lovely delicate berry flavors and not too syrupy, but my God it must've been 20% alcohol-wise. More boozy than one would expect!

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We were originally supposed to drink it on Election Night, but then Laura had to leave the country for 3 weeks unexpectedly, etc.

hey, being a garnet fanatic, i can imagine some pretty DAMNED clear garnets.

(i can also envy you. shh.)

Garnets are quite lovely; I like cabochon cuts best.

Oooh, enjoy! I hope it's as good as it sounds.

And many happy returns for tomorrow!

It was very nice indeed. Thanks!

Oh, that sounds absolutely glorious. I hope it lives up to your expectations!

The answer to that is actually yes and no. The flavor was sublime, but the high alcohol content was slightly jarring!

This just inspired me to go out and buy some mediocre port to help me write my Byzantine final paper tonight. =)

You know, it's not too difficult to get some really drinkable port at a decent price! I hope it was good.

Happy early birthday (early over here, anyway)! ♥

Some poking around proves that there are actually still bottles to be had for prices not too extortionate if you're willing to sit watching an auction.

That sounds lovely. ♥ I'd really like to buy a bottle for my parents' Christmas present, but! *snaps fingers* I'm one year too little for drinking and buying. And it sounds very expensive to boot...!

We found it for a freakishly low price - the people selling it didn't know what they had.

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(Deleted comment)
Did you taste any? Was it good?

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