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Christmas cards = sent.
I only had the money to send them to my immediate family this year, which is why I didn't have a card-sign up like I usually do (and why I didn't sign up for one on anyone else's; I would've felt badly about doing that when I couldn't reciprocate). But a couple of you sent me cards anyway, presumably having retained my address from last year, and you are darlings. Thank you! In other news, today I taught my second-to-last Approaches to Literature seminar. The final one is Thursday. If I can just get through my academic supervision tomorrow intact...

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well, let's put it this way...if you've moved since 2004 you should probably email me, because somebody else in wellesley is gonna get a card addressed to you. IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

(also, i don't mind not getting a card back. i think i might get maybe four this year, and i've sent out 13 with another eight to go.)

wait, i lie, i have yours from last year. yay! hooray for gmail searches!

If it says 61 Nicholas Gardens, that's out of date. It's now 35 Moss Street!


i still love you.

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Approaches to Literature is basically my university's equivalent of freshman comp. I've taught them everything from Beowulf to Beckett this term!

No no no, sign up for mine anyway (because I'll forget if you don't, even though I probably have your address here somewhere) :x

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