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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Delirium is my homegirl.
Alyce has received my set of the Sandman graphic novels via post, and she's begun reading them. Given that I handed her Good Omens several years ago with the result that she read it and it's now one of her favorite books? Yeah, this will be cool to watch; the Neil pimpage must continue. She's also read American Gods, although I think she found it a bit strange. Even amongst fans, I find that people either completely love it or don't know how to react at all!

(Remind me why I let myself sleep till 11 AM today? Now I'm totally not tired.)

ETA: Given that she's a film nut, I've also recced Hot Fuzz. Corrupting younger siblings is fun!

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I'm not sure. Both Sandman and American Gods completely blew me away; when people who aren't totally hostile (and have been even been known to enjoy, or do actively enjoy) to the genre of urban fantasy (because that's the closest genre-fit I can find for use even in passing) read either one and then emerge unaffected, I'm sort of baffled. I find them incredible because of the sheer volume of mythologies and literary references worked in, and how intuitively he does it. Maybe for some people it's overload? I don't know. One of Neil's chief talents as a writer, I think, is the ability to play connect the dots with...well, basically the universe! I find some of the artists who have worked on the series over time less exciting than others, obviously, but it never hurt the impact of the writing for me.

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I reread AG recently when I realised I couldn't remember a thing about it (unusual for me). I think what went wrong is that Shadow becomes a big black hole in the story. I think he is *supposed* to be by the way, but for me it drained the story of life.

In contrast, Anansi Boys is my favourite.

Realising that I only have one Gneil-representative icon, you've now inspired me to go track down/make/upload more. :D

Sandman had me on such an emotional rollercoaster & weeping piteously by the end. While I was stuck somewhere in the middle and trying, desperately, to find a store which sold the next couple volumes, I was starting to have trippy dreams in which I bumped into Neil in the street, had lovely conversations with him, and he promised to mail me signed copies of all the volumes.

I was so sad, waking up from that. :(

And HMMM on the subject of Gaiman's mythos. Have you followed Lucifer at all?

Lucifer is also excellent, by the way.

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