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Sunt infelices quia matres sunt meretrices.
(O hai! Bet you can't guess what I'm working on...)

Nothing but orange juice + cold sushi rice for lunch = MASSIVE FAIL, STOMACH.

Also, I cannot describe to you what a blow to my pride it is that I've had to call in sick for two successive days to two different jobs. Therefore, I've chained my unwell self to the Ph.D. and am hoping for the best.

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Sigh - get better soon. Least you didnt get told this week you are no where NEAR where you should be so go back and start again - weekly meetings and a year timetable for completion.

I feel like I've done next to nothing since...gosh, September? This teaching gig is good, but it can end already. My time for personal research and writing has definitely suffered. My next supervision is a week from today.

Try having it insinuated you have done next to nothing for 3 years!

Oh, sheesh. That can't be true *hugs*

Well not really - but apparently the "quality" isnt there. So essentially I'm being told to go back to the start.....BLERGH.

I mean, what if your findings are what they are and you can't change that? I've heard of projects turning out quite differently from the way they were expected to, and that's just part of the landscape.

Therein lies the problem. Due to various "issues" I dont have the writing to back up what I want my conclusions to be.....

I don't know you at all, but because I'm near the end of my PhD, I feel solidarity/fear/rage on behalf of many people who are also PhDers... That sounds horrible! Also, shouldn't your supervisor have pointed this issue out long ago? That sounds like a failure on his/her part. *scowls at them for you*

...anyhoo... *tiptoes away*

Eh I'll live. My original supervisor passed away in June - hence all of this hoo ha now! I suspect if he was still alive we would have come to some very agreeable arangement and I wouldnt be teaching his classes and writing his exams on a wing and a prayer!

You're the second person I know who had a supervisor die on them in the past year and a half :( It's very sad-making.

bah humbug.
Good luck, chicka. The pressure may turn out greater quality work, you nevah know.

Thanks - I got the thing done, in any case. We'll see if they think I pulled the right evidence!

"The single greatest threat to man’s continued existence on earth is the virus.” -Jeffrey Weinstock

:/ Get better soon hon and have some soup at the very least. You need to take care of yourself.

I agree. Nasty buggers, viruses!

I can breathe today. And I finally slept last night.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I'm pleased to hear that! Let me know if you get it.

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