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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Your horoscope for today:
Stone Age site reveals extraordinary artworks

Also, there is more snow falling. In England. Apocalyptic!

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Everything's better after the apocalypse anyway.

I find it distinctly unfair that you're getting snow when it's all rainy and disgusting here in Helsinki. *pouts*

It's slushy and disgusting here, as freezing rain always comes right on the heels of the snow! I waited an hour for a bus today in vain and ended up having to call a cab just to get out to campus for teaching.

Argh, well, in that case I won't wish for it, as I think we've got enough hassle with the slush we already have. Britain always does go crazy when it snows, though. ;) At least in Finland they're always prepared for it...

And in the US as well, especially on the east coast where I grew up.

(Deleted comment)
If you ever read Doomsday Book, you'll understand why I use it that way ;)

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