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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I don't know why, but reading this has left me feeling gut-punched:
All thorns & no grace
There are virtually no acorns and hickory nuts this year in the Northeast U.S.

There's not an autumn from my childhood that the ground was not so covered in acorns and hickory nuts in my hometown that you couldn't walk six inches without stepping on at least three or four! We used to gather hickory nuts on the playground, smash them, and eat the sweet meat from inside. I even tried eating acorns a few times, much to my chagrin, which were always bitter and hardly worth the effort. We used to make sport of crushing them underfoot; we always figured we were doing the squirrels and chipmunks a favor by opening them. There were so many you didn't know what to do about them. You'd end up dashing through the yard only to slip on a whole clutch of them.

I can't wrap my brain around next to none. It's pretty inconceivable.

Oh my god, it's true! I didn't even notice while I was at home, but now that I think of it there were practically NONE. How bizarre.

Even in my adulthood, up till I moved over here a few years ago? They were still everywhere. It feels sort of, I don't know, quasi-apocalyptic.

I looked in the park in London today and didn't see any. The squirrels were bolder than usual as well.

I didn't get to walk through any of the parks when I was there on Friday, but I doubt I would've found any. None around York, either!

That's so weird. I'll have to ask one of my colleagues who lives near forest if it's the same there...

Please do! I'd be curious to hear about Europe.

psychedk Expand
Our two willow oaks here in Memphis are putting them out in abundance.
I've already taken a couple of slips on the yard.

That's comforting to hear!

Whoa. Purple space acorns indeed.

-chomps on imported hickory nuts-

I used to really love hickory nuts, but I have less of a taste for them now.

Oh, this is bizarre. I didn't notice until it was pointed out, but I haven't seen any acorns either...

First the bees disappear, now the acorns... what next, you have to wonder.

Maybe the acorns are migrating home too.

ajodasso Expand
ajodasso Expand
There are certainly fewer than last year (where I couldn't *drive* without them pinging off my roof), but at least in central Massachusetts, we have some. Not a lot or as many as usual, but 'none' would be a far stretch.

It's good to hear there are some in Massachusetts! Boston has a few, too, by all reports.

The last two Thanksgivings I spent hours raking up barrels full of acorns in my parent's backyard. This year it is barren.

Last year was a beautiful long and lingering fall--got a good 2 weeks longer of it than normal--it was a beautiful time to be unemployed. This year has been gloomy and cold and the leaves browned out fast, so though that doesn't answer anything, I'm not surprised. There are bad years and good years--I wouldn't worry about it unless the next couple of falls bear the same lack. I will, however, try to remember to get some nuts to scatter for the squirrels and chipmonks throughout this winter.

I'm sure they'll be very grateful to you!

this is weird and a bit alarming. I'm glad you shared the article! I'll have to drive by to a local park that is always covered in acorns and see what there is to see.

It seems as if Massachusetts has largely escaped the blight.

I was stomping all over acorns at Oak Square in Brighton about a month ago, until the city came and swept them up. So Boston isn't entirely devoid of them, at least.

Massachusetts on the whole seems to be faring all right in this, apparently!

The same thing happened with the apple harvest here in Michigan this year. We had some random frosts as the wrong time and it destroyed the majority of the crop. So apples over here now are $2.50 a lb.

Wow. I hadn't thought about it, but now that I think back on my walks outside this season, I've seen hardly any.

I definitely haven't seen any here in York!

I think it's international. There were hardly any acorns in the spinney near my house this year. :(

I think it is, too - none in York, either.

this...breaks my heart a little. EVERY time i've gone home to michigan (i think i have fingers left over when i count them) there have been acorns EVERYWHERE. every single time i'd go home with my bags stuffed with them (in '98 i stuck a hand in my purse, forgetting i'd put some in, and got it covered in grubs) and some years my aunt would send me a full BAG of leaves and acorns. i mean a GARBAGE bag.

damn. this upsets me a lot. WHAT WILL THE SQUIRRELS EAT?!?

Yeah - we used to fill entire trash bags with them, too, on days we'd rake leaves. And that's in addition to the trash bags of leaves!