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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Then again, it's no shock to hear he's learned absolutely nothing.

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Oh brother. I am tired of hearing about that man and his "values."

Also, apparently he doesn't understand the purpose of being an elected official in a Republic. Representing what the people want is... kind of his entire job description, actually.

Also, the idea of Bush actually leaving something that qualifies as a legacy?

Is bollocks.

Yeah, no surprise there >_>

Ah, well. It's almost over.


How many times can one person hammer the word "values", I wonder.

Without saying exactly what he means by it, even!

I was about to comment on how he's basically saying that he has learned nothing, but then I realised you had just said precisely that. Great minds...?

But seriously, does this man not realised what these things he says sound like to people outside his brain? Doesn't he have people that keep him from saying stupid things? Obviously, looking at his past record he doesn't, but surely at some point somebody in his administration must have realised that it's a bad idea to let your president sound like an idiot all the time? Apparently not. Learning from experience, responding to challenges in a flexible way, using your brain innovatively rather than following the textbook - these are good things. Argh. Strange how even when he is, to quote someone, the lamest of all ducks, this man can still be profoundly irritating.

The list of damages he's trying to push through at the last minute is really impressive.

I don't think he's capable of learning. The man has no intellectual curiosity at all. He truly is just... stupid.

The only legacy he'll leave is his picture popping up on search engines for evermore when future people type in "Worst President ever"

Nope. We are not surprised at all. But his time is nearly over.

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