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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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I haven't had an entry with actual content in a while, have I?
The teaching continues to go well. Seriously, these kids (and I say this from the viewpoint of being a big kid myself) cope so well with the difficult pieces of theory we've been reading. I mean, when you're a Ph.D. student and still want to bang your head off the walls at the prospect of reading Julia Kristeva, let alone teaching her...

I've been frustrated with my productivity this term where research toward those remaining two chapters is concerned (in other words, almost zip on account of the teaching and the department store job combined). However, I've got my backlog of articles and books for Routledge Annotated Bibliography of English Studies cleared as of this morning, which feels very good indeed. Once again, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I have such amazing supervisors. They said at last week's supervision that they didn't expect I'd be making much headway this term given I'm running on what adds up to longer than a seven-day week as it is (or at least it seems that way). However, that means I'm in for a breakneck spring term starting in January. Much though I'd love to teach all year, it's fortunate that'll be over with in December.

In other news, this job-listings wikia is completely addictive. Are any of the rest of you contributing to it? I'm the [overseas applicant] listed under both the Yale and Sweet Briar posts. I can't help but wonder when we'll start to hear whether or not we've got interviews! cliosfolly, which bits have you been meddling in?

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I'm glad the teaching is going so well! *crosses fingers* on the job front...

The most recent update for U Pitt is me--I had to hold myself back from adding an ":/" emoticon to the entry. Hee! Actually, emoticons in AJS entries would probably make the experience much more cheerful. I just poke around the medieval English section.

...and now I'm having a conversation in the "How many of us are there?" section at the top *headdesk* This is like, I don't know, the weirdest message-board ever.

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