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Seer of ghosts & weaver of stories

(You are very much not forgotten)

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Too much teaching prep and too many movies make Adrienne a crazy person.

V for Vendetta: It never gets old. Sadly, I had to defer watching it to the 6th.

State and Main: I can't believe I'd never bothered to watch this before, considering that I think Mamet is pretty brilliant. Sarah Jessica Parker always makes me roll my eyes, but the dialogue in this film is just perfect. Also, I don't have a track record of liking Philip Seymour Hoffman in films, but man, I loved him in this!

The Orphanage: My reaction to this is jammed somewhere between my reaction to Stir of Echoes and my reaction to The Prestige. This film is beautifully, eerily shot, but it hit all my bad buttons. I didn't sleep terribly well after seeing it.

Dead Poets' Society: I had seen this film previously in fits and fragments, so this evening's viewing was the first time I've seen it all in one piece. It's an inspiring, moving piece, but I wasn't quite torn to pieces the way some people I know have been. By now, I think I'm kind of numb to this kind of story. Or if not numb, I at least can keep myself under control.

Hot Fuzz special features: Those video-blogs are the cutest thing ever. And the deleted scenes? Precious. Very precious. There's some information in them I'll be glad to have at my disposal. Nicholas and Danny are my favorite thing in the world at the moment, and I can't see them walking out of my head any time soon.

ETA: ...oh good God. I just died of teh cute.

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Normally, it's exactly the kind of ending that would've made me cry, but that got forestalled when it managed to hit one of my major hang-ups first (bodies - I have a real problem with bodies, even if I know it's not real). I spent most of the last third of the film jammed into the corner of the couch, twitching.

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