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Have I mentioned how much I love my students this year?
In case I haven't, here's an example of why. Yesterday, one of them set this as their Facebook status:

[Name withheld] is wondering whether proving Beowulf wore ladies' pants is a credible essay subject? 16:30

(My dear, you are destined for great things. There's one essay I wouldn't have minded marking!)

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That's a great laugh to start my day.

This is coming from one of my best and brightest students, I must add.

(Deleted comment)
I taught some students last autumn, too. As a Ph.D. student, I'm allowed to teach one seminar per year in the English Department. Last year, they had me teach Late Medieval English Lit to second-years, and this year, I'm teaching Approaches to [English & American] Literature to first-years. My group this year is exceptional.

And you know, all I did was play the Marillion song. I didn't say anything about some of my other hobbies, I really didn't!...

Oh, that's fantastic! So much better than the student-related horror stories I've been hearing lately. And I would be curious to see if it is provable that Beowulf wore ladies' pants.

And it's amazing how many horror stories I hear from my fellow graduate-student teachers on a regular basis! I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm sure I'll never be so fortunate again. Or if I am, it won't be till several years from now :-P

Oh I've been very lucky so far as well -- I had two tutorial students last year, both of whom were lovely. But I have this deep-rooted fear that I've got nowhere to go but downhill!

Oh man, that's an essay I would love to read! :D

Ahh, wish I had OE/ME courses at the moment, instead of general linguistics...

I wish you could've taken my Late Medieval Lit seminar last year, then! You would have been fun to have in class <3

I bet you'd be a really great teacher to have! Although I suspect I couldn't resist making subtle references to various things that aren't exactly classroom material. ;)

(Beowulf's pants, or lack thereof, are a good example.)

(Deleted comment)

(I told them allll about you.)

wow, I think even I could have read that one, and I do NOT enjoy academic writing in any capacity.

It would be the Pseudo-Soc paper to end all Pseudo-Soc papers!

HA! XD That's amazing! I would love to read that essay.

Perhaps one day we will.

This is because you played Marillion at them; you've warped their still-growing minds...

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